Our comprehensive cyber security assessment services shield your business from the threat of cyber attacks.

Protect Your Business


Insufficient security infrastructure can leave you vulnerable to ransomware, data breaches, and other cybercrimes, creating exorbitant recovery costs and permanent damage to your brand image.

But how do you go about locating digital security vulnerabilities? What threat detection strategies and managed cyber security services should you employ? And how can you ensure your team is doing everything they can to keep malicious actors out of your network? All these questions find their resolve in SecureIT’s cybersecurity assessment services.

SecureIT offers an array of managed cyber security services that include threat detection and information security services to keep cyber threats at bay and prevent future security incidents. These IT security assessment services cover a broad range of topics to help you protect your business with common sense, proactive security strategies.

Penetration Training-1

Penetration Testing

Take advantage of methodical, simulated cyber attacks to discover where vulnerabilities in your network’s security solutions may lie. Discover exploitable gaps in your Cyber Security strategy to prevent future attacks.

Ransomware Simulation-1

Ransomware Simulation

Evaluate your current network security solutions to see how they hold up against our ransomware simulation tool. This tool mimics the actions of an actual ransomware attack in real-time—all with minimal interference and easy recovery of encrypted data.


Phishing Simulation

Strengthen your team in the fight against phishing attempts with simple, customizable simulations that are easy to craft and send. Bolster your organization against the weakest point in your network with this practical simulation tool.

Security Awareness-1

t-AWARE Training

Empower your team with comprehensive security awareness training programs. Take your team through real threat simulations, and share business-saving security knowledge.


Support security operations with managed security services with virtual CISO and virtual CIO guidance. Get invaluable, up-to-the-minute security management strategies, guard your sensitive data, and save valuable resources.