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All too often, outdated or impractical security measures rely on detecting cybercriminals after they’ve already worked their way into your network and obtained your sensitive information, putting you at risk of devastating data loss and dangerous security breaches.

SecureIT puts you out in front of the risk, with security solutions designed to stop your next data breach before it even starts. Instead of searching for suspicious internal network traffic, SecureIT provides security to identify threats in advance. With a host of products and tailored packages to protect every aspect of your network from edge to endpoint, tools to train your team, and guidance to strengthen your systems, SecureIT has the cyber solutions to stay on the offense instead of playing defense.

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At SecureIT, we believe in supporting our community. Because of this, we’re out working with local businesses throughout the Midwest, safeguarding their assets and protecting them from the damaging toll cybercrime can take. Because we’re close by, we understand what drives you and how to best serve you.


Why wait for bad actors to make their way into your system to handle data loss and other cyber threats? SecureIT knows the best way to deal with cybercriminals is to keep them from ever getting in. We’re not like other Cyber Security solutions out there because we stop threats before they start.


Our SecureIT team consists of Cyber Security professionals who actually work directly alongside you—in person. We’re not imaginary or hypothetical and we won’t treat you that way either. This means you’ll get individualized service and unbeatable protection with intuitive cyber solutions.
Protect Your Business


I’m worried about increased phishing attempts. How can SecureIT keep my organization protected against these threats?

Many modern cyber attacks originate from social engineering avenues like phishing emails. SecureIT offers Cyber Security training to keep your team in the know about what security measures they can take to keep from falling prey to malicious actors.

How can SecureIT serve my organization as we scale?

Many of our partners and clients start with SecureIT when they are still growing. They may take advantage of our VCISO and VCIO services because they know they need cyber solutions even as they develop and grow. However, we also serve large enterprises looking to defend their entire network and those organizations looking to enable an expansive remote workforce with real-time threat protection, penetration testing, and industry-specific solutions.

I have industry-specific Cyber Security and compliance concerns. How can SecureIT help address these needs?

SecureIT has a range of experience serving many different industries—including those with specific compliance and regulatory needs, such as healthcare networks, insurance companies, government agencies, and financial institutions. This also covers HIPAA, PCI DSS, protected health information, and personally identifiable information.

Why should I opt for threat monitoring in real-time?

Many Cyber Security solutions look for threats once bad actors have already found their way into your network, which leaves you vulnerable. SecureIT’s threatINTELLIGENCE prevents unwanted traffic from making its way in by using an active threat detection system. This solution breaks apart potential threats and reverse-engineers them within 30 seconds. Once this is done, the solution relies on powerful machine learning algorithms to use this information to protect you from the next possible attack.

I’m not sure what service will benefit us the most. How can SecureIT help?

SecureIT offers solutions that are designed to work in tandem with one another, including threatPROTECT, threatINTELLIGENCE, and threatEDR, which cover your network from end to end, as well as Cyber Security management services, employee training, and more. We can help you identify weaknesses in your Cyber Security strategy with penetration testing and simulated attacks, then use this information to develop a customized solution that makes sense for your unique organization.

What is the difference between threatPROTECT and threatINTELLIGENCE?

threatPROTECT has been engineered to monitor activity across your network, including endpoints, and to find potential threats with 50% fewer false positives with no intervention needed on your part. threatINTELLIGENCE, on the other hand, is the tool that actively blocks and breaks apart potential threats in just a few seconds.

What sets SecureIT apart?

We’re a Missouri-based company you can trust! Besides the fact that we take a proactive approach to Cyber Security, we care about you and we’re invested in finding the best results to protect you. Our service and commitment are all centered around your organization. SecureIT is dedicated to keeping your organization secure, and at every stage of your security journey, we’ll stay true to our core values of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, conscious optimism, accountability, and integrity.

Does my business have to subscribe to all of SecureIT’s products?

Not at all! The SecureIT team can customize a plan to meet your business’s specific needs, which provides you with all of the security you need in combination with the security products you already have.

Will added Cyber Security measures help reduce my insurance costs?

Every insurance company is different, so it’s hard to say. Industry regulations are moving toward mandating specific requirements based on your company’s industry. Much like with a homeowner’s insurance policy, some security items may result in a lower annual premium. Check with your insurance broker to discover if there are any discounts available.

I’m a small business owner. Am I really at risk of cyber attack? Do I need Cyber Security tools?

Unfortunately, you are at risk, so the answer to this one is “absolutely.” Cybercriminals don’t care about the size of your business, they care about finding ways to steal your data and hold it hostage. Having proper security tools and protocols in place is a proactive way to keep your sensitive data and your customers safe.

I’m worried that Cyber Security is too expensive. Isn’t it just a waste of money—all for something that isn’t tangible?

Although SecureIT’s intuitive solutions aren’t tangible products you can hold in your hand, the value they add to your company is immeasurable. After all, when a company experiences a cyber attack, they must take on recovery costs and expenses for data repair—not to mention the potential costs of paying a ransom. A cyber attack can do damage to an organization’s reputation. Any kind of cyber incident can result in lost customers who no longer feel safe. Plus, the majority of small companies don’t survive the costs or the fallout after an attack. You can protect your data and your reputation by establishing the proper provisions for your business.

How does SecureIT determine which Cyber Security products my organization will need?

SecureIT evaluates your security needs through a multi-step approach. First, we’ll have an initial meeting with you to discover your organization’s main concerns. Next, we’ll guide you through a network questionnaire to learn more about your operations. After this, we usually suggest that you complete a Proof of Value (POV) test to see how your solutions hold up. During this time, SecureIT will place a proprietary appliance in line with your network firewall and gather all of the security issues within your network. Once we have all this information, we’ll work with you to see how we can best assist you with the optimal solutions for your company.

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